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Become An Agent

Love to Travel? Need Extra Income? Want to Work From Home?

The travel industry is seeing a sharp rise in demand for travel professionals as time-strapped consumers opt for help in planning more intricate and customized vacation options that require greater attention to detail and less do-it-yourself planning on their part. Modern day travel professionals are flourishing as people look for fewer clicks and more conversation when planning a vacation. A recent survey showed that of the respondents that used travel professionals, 72% said that agents make travel planning easy, and a whopping 92% said they planned on using an agent again. This surge in demand by value-driven consumers opens up exciting opportunities for those interested in turning their love of travel into a fulfilling and profitable future.

Belles à Bound is a full service boutique travel agency. We are expanding and currently looking for people nationwide to work as independent agents. Travel experience is preferred, but not necessary.

How it Works

As an Independent Agent with Belles à Bound, how, where, and when you work and sell travel is up to you, as long as it’s done with integrity and professionalism. We encourage you to manage your business in a way that works best for you, but with all the resources and programs we offer to help you succeed.

Make Money

The amount of money you can make is really up to you. Some agents work this business to help friends and family plan travel and are able to generate a couple hundred dollars each month as a result. Other agents see the benefits of working with small groups and have commission checks in the thousands of dollars.

You're Never Alone

A thriving industry is waiting for you, just beyond your comfort zone. Whether you want to specialize in selling cruises, romance travel, family vacations, or anything in between, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to build a profitable travel business. When you join our team, you’re never alone.

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